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What types of systems can the CALEFFI CODE® system manage?

The CALEFFI CODE® system can be used to control radiator systems that are part of either independent or centralised systems. This includes medium to large-sized systems such as those in Hotels or Bed and Breakfasts as it can manage up to 64 zones simultaneously through a single Gateway. With the CALEFFI CODE® system, radiant panel systems (heating only) can also be managed, both independent and centralised, by connecting the Sensor PRO (ambient temperature sensor with boiler contact) code 215002, 215002 BLK to the Caleffi 656 series 24 V electrothermal controls, regulating the temperature of each zone separately.

In addition to radiators, can fan coils also be controlled?

No, fan coils cannot be managed as it is not possible to manage the various derived speeds of ventilation.

What types of valves is Comfort Control compatible with?

“Comfort Control” can be paired with all Caleffi thermostatic and convertible radiator valves. In addition, an adapter for valves that are not manufactured by Caleffi is available on request. Please always check compatibility with competitor products in the Caleffi general product guide, on the website or by simply contacting us:

Can the temperature be adjusted separately for each room?

Of course, the CALEFFI CODE® system is designed to adapt to the desired level of comfort of each user in each room. The “Comfort Control” of each radiator in your home can be controlled separately.

Can the App for managing a residential unit be installed on more than one device? If so, how many?

Users can use the CALEFFI CODE® App from an unlimited number of devices.

What information on the characteristics of the radiators should I enter into the system for optimised regulation, and how do I enter it?

Thanks to the self-learning system, which is integrated into the “Comfort Control” controls, there is no need to enter the characteristics of the radiators, as in the first few days after installation, the controls are able to perform a number of checks and make adjustments and understand on their own the various characteristics of the radiator (for example: the type of radiator, if there are any shelves, etc.).

Can the CALEFFI CODE® system be managed in buildings with no Wi-Fi network or without broadband internet connection?

The CALEFFI CODE® system can also be managed without internet connection. In these cases, the ideal solution is Gateway PRO (always available in two versions: white code 215015 and black code 215015 BLK) with built-in GSM, UMTS or LTE modem.
By simply using a 4G micro-SIM card, you can also manage systems without landline, such as in second homes or holiday homes.

Can the CALEFFI CODE® system be used to control the boiler remotely?

Yes, the Gateway offers two options for controlling either a standard boiler, with simple ON/OFF regulation, or a boiler fitted with OpenTherm®, with modulating regulation. The advantage of this type of protocol is that you can make a number of changes when it comes to controlling the boiler, such as changing its flow temperature according to actual demand.

In addition to controlling the boiler, can I also control a flat entrance zone valve with the CALEFFI CODE® system?

Yes, a flat entrance zone valve can be opened and closed via voltage-free contact. Several zones can also be managed using a Sensor PRO, an ambient temperature sensor with boiler contact code 215002, 215002 BLK, connected to the 24 V zone valve you wish to manage.

Can the customer receive remote assistance via App? If so, who can provide assistance?

The App includes a dedicated technical support function which, if enabled, allows the installer to provide customers with remote support in order to solve any arising problems more quickly and easily.

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